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Group lessons are one hour per week and involve singing ensemble songs and adapted solos from musicals and other popular music.The class starts with a warm-up where we work on exercises that develop the fundamentals of good singing. These include exercises in breath support, breath control, vowel production, diction, resonance, projection, colour, and much more. After the warm-up, we work on the music and occasionally perform skits and short dramatic interactions to develop stage presence and character.

Benefits of the program

• Small group size promotes independence on vocal lines

• Repertoire choices emphasize harmony and blend in part singing

• Supportive and cooperative environment creates positive atmosphere for learning

• Seeing peers perform encourages self growth through reflection


$175 / Term

Term 1 - September to December

Term 2 - January to March

Term 3 - April to June

**Fees for group lessons are collected at the beginning of the term.

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